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The “Laundry and Lockers” business is a unique idea in Portugal, that join both services, in a practice and low fare way to do your laundry and store your luggage. We provide you a very confortable self service laundry and lockers store, in the heart of Porto Downtown, where you can wash and dry your personal clothes while listen a good music, surf in free 5G wifi internet or even do friends.
The client can leave their luggage for a short term storage, after checkin out the hostel, meanwhile finish to visit the city.
The client also can leave heavy stuffs to take a train to a nearby city, and even overnigh the luggage in the locker.
The laundry also have ironning for a perfect finish in your clothes, if desired (monday thru fridays).
If you are a Hostel, small Hotel or BnB owner, you have find the perfect laundry for your professional clothes.
Laundry and Lockers” have technology and capacity in the backdoors to do high scale laundry that fits your small hotel business, at reasonable prices, with a unique logistic advantage of being in Porto Downtown. That is the difference that provides you the just in time service, essencial for high season turn over rooms, or the comfort of the proximity.
The Laundry and Lockers Company is owned by a Brazilian international group with 15 years of experience in both, personal and professional laundry.
The owner, Mr Adriano Gonçalves has been President of Brazilian National Laundry Association in 2015 and launched the first International Laundry Industry Fair in South America.
If you want to be part of this team, as entrepreneur or client, give us the opportunity to meet you SENDIND US an email or a phone call / message.

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