oPorto Local Accommodations / Guest Houses Laundry Services

Laundry & Lockers is a laundry facility that provides professional services to guests who manage Local Accommodations / Guest Houses.


1- Punctuality ALWAYS

2- Good quality

3- Right amount

Our company has 15 years of experience in the hotel laundry business.

We know what our customers want, and we know that the main problems in the management of hotel services go beyond good quality in the washing and ironing of clothes.

The Manager ALSO needs:

– Laundry efficiency in clean clothing delivery in time to do your Check INs.

– It is also essential that there is no change of clothes between customers.

– Another constant problem is the loss of clothing that goes and does not return.


In order to make your company more agile, in January 2018 we inaugurated a semi-industrial unit located NEAR THE LOCAL ACCOMMODATIONS / Guest Houses.

We are located in ALIADOS (oPorto Downtown), at Rua do Bonjardim, 386 – Baixa do Porto, just behind the Post Office / Office of the Municipality. Easy to park at the door.

With this, we can receive and deliver the clothes your Housekeeping needs at the right time.

Use us as your central garment!

Our commitment is with deliveries within 48 hours.


So that your clothes have adequate treatment, our machines are INDUSTRIAL, from one of the most renowned manufacturers in the world, the GIRBAU.

We have 60 kg washer and dryers, and BIG ROLLER calenders for a perfect and quick ironing in sheets, covers and pillow cases.

We work with chemical products from the renowned products, which provides technical assistance with specialized Chemicals Engineers.

That is, in Launry & Lockers the bed linen and bath of the Local Accommodation are washed in machines and programs directed to this type of clothing.

We do not use small Self Service machines, created for PERSONAL clothing, to process PROFESSIONAL clothing.


Our commitment is to CARE of your clothes in a personalized way, so we have control of the laundry that arrives in the laundry.

At Laundry & Lockers your laundry is checked, in addition to heavy, so that in the exit, make sure that all the pieces that have arrived are returning in the KITs.

For better control, all your clothes must have custom marking. Our company does the marking service or lets the customer do it.

We work with software developed so that the Manager has control of each Local Accommodation, that is, at the end of the fortnight, your company receives a report containing separately the amount of laundry that was washed in each LA, whether it is a single apartment or a small hotel with 6 rooms.

SUITABLE PACKAGING is also an important item in this management, in order to have better hygiene of clothing and greater guarantee of efficient transportation and correct storage.

Laundry & Lockers suggests zipper-and-clair bags. We have, for your best convenience, bags of this type to market at cost price, which can be marked in a personalized way.


1- Laundry & Lockers knows that a last minute check IN happens and that in the high season the forecasts and stocks of clothing are always due.

That’s why we propose and have an emergency service where, for an additional fee, your clothes are delivered with 24 hours or even the same day.

2- We also have RENTING service of towels (item that is missing most especially in the summer) in case your inventory is finished and some guests request reinforcement of new towels.

3 – Have your cleaning employees been missing? Are they sick? Laundry & Lockers can perform the cleanings on your apartments and business. Contact us!


All that we are proposing to do would not be successful without constant and available communication between the laundry and the customer.

For this, we have a mobile phone with WhatsAPP running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We work with values ​​per kg of collected and heavy clothing.

We know that costs are important, so we work with market values, despite the CUSTOMIZED service we propose to do.

However, each case is negotiated according to the client’s reality, where several factors interfere:

– Type of clothing

– Quality of clothing

– Location and quantity of ALs

– Collections and deliveries included or not

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